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Aug 22, 2019 | Elevate Blog

3D Location is Making Enterprises More Secure

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I recently authored an article for Security magazine which explains the trend for enterprises to leverage 3D location to enhance security. Companies across various industries are focused on enterprise security to keep employees safe, maintain a secure work environment, and keep track of valued assets and equipment. After all, it makes little sense to spend billions on cybersecurity to keep data and other information safe if an organization’s physical space remains unsecured. As in other scenarios, 3D location is able to pinpoint people and property with high accuracy, including down to the floor level in high-rise buildings, so that they can be protected in the case of an emergency.

A subset of enterprise security deals with the industrial sector - construction, mining, refineries and other heavy industries – in which 3D location is vital to enabling employee safety and security, even in a subterranean environment. This helps reduce the number of work-related incidences and injuries which in turn improves operational efficiency. Polaris Wireless in seeing interest from industrial enterprises around several use cases, including:

3D Communication

In large industrial complexes, having constant communication with the precise location of all employees is key to avoiding accidents and injuries. Employees working with large machinery, like cranes, excavators, or similar machines, need to have a real-time view of all their surroundings to ensure that they are not putting anyone in harm’s way. Communication apparatus powered with 3D location can help achieve this by providing machine operators and other employees with complete situational awareness of their surroundings in a large industrial complex. 

Disaster Rescue

In an unforeseen event such as a mine cave-in, it is critical to know where employees were just before the disaster so that rescue and recovery operations can be most effective. Launching targeted operations to a precise area saves precious minutes and, as with public safety uses of 3D location, time saved results in lives saved.

I look forward to sharing additional use cases in the future to illustrate how Polaris Wireless is enabling enterprises to increase their security with the use of 3D location.

Amir Sattar is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Polaris Wireless with over 25 years of combined experience in R&D, Operations and Customer Management in the Wireless industry. Amir has an in-depth understanding of the wireless communications and location technology and is has vast knowledge of Communication and Location Solutions for Public Safety and other industries. Amir is a contributor to industry publications such as Urgent Communications and often participates in location technology and industry events.

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