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Public Safety

Public Safety and Public Health

Public Health Solution - The Polaris Wireless Public Health solution utilizes a high-accuracy and software-based mass location capability to enable a variety of location analytics use cases leveraging diverse sources of data. Polaris Wireless offers a tried and tested, sophisticated subscriber behavior model that covers all mobile subscribers in a given geography. Contact-tracing information is available by locating and tracking the movements of at risk persons as they dwell in locations and interact with others. This information is available in real-time, and is immediately actionable, helping public health authorities to use richer insights to make informed decisions, and protect their citizens without causing panic.

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3D mobile location is critical for responsive and reliable Public Safety. We enable emergency services to locate callers and first responders wherever they may be, leading to improved response times which helps save lives. Examples of scenarios in which Polaris Wireless is enhancing public safety include:

911 Emergency Call Location - Identifying 911 emergency callers using high-accuracy 3D location is a critical component of any Public Safety Access Point (PSAP). As a government-mandated requirement for all US-based wireless network operators, this capability is key to effective emergency response management, enabling first responders to take action quickly and save lives.

Situational Awareness – For public safety organizations, 3D location provides dispatchers valuable real-time insights about employees’ locations in the field. In high-stress emergency situations where quick reactions often mean the difference between life and death, such as a SWAT operation or active shooter incident, this information enables better-informed decisions and leads to better outcomes.

Process Workflows – Integrating 3D location into process workflows facilitates triggering a set of protocols in response to a specific occurrence, such as an officer down or hostage taking. By automating workflows based on proximity to an event, public safety organizations are able to minimize operational disruptions, enhance communications, and improve response times.

Firefighter Safety – Utilizing 3D location to accurately identify the positions of firefighters indoors and in high-rise buildings is an essential tool in highly volatile and actively developing situations. Fire chiefs are able to leverage this real-time information to ensure the safety of their crews by helping them navigate through buildings and avoid hazardous areas.



3D mobile location provides the hospitality industry with the ability to locate staff across large properties, ensuring their safety while improving customer service and operational efficiency.

Employee Safety – Hospitality workers face potentially dangerous situations while on the job, and 3D location provides a way for hotel and resort managers to identify and assist employees in need. When one or multiple employees are stationary for a prolonged period of time, an automated workflow can be triggered to dispatch help to that location. Similarly, employees can be equipped with panic buttons that alerts managers to summons help. By providing a more secure working environment with the help of 3D location, the hospitality industry is able to increase employee satisfaction which in turn improves operational efficiency and creates a better guest experience.

Enhanced Guest Service - 3D location is a key enabler for a hotel property to raise guest service to new heights. Hospitality managers can, for example, improve the delivery time for a room service call by dispatching the employee closest to the guest room. By providing more expedient customer service to guests anywhere within the hotel property (including high-rise hotels), and integrating 3D location with hotel loyalty applications to satisfy guest preferences, the hospitality industry is ensuring its guests enjoy the best possible experience.



3D mobile location provides healthcare facilities with a mechanism to locate staff and track high-value equipment in a timely manner, which not only improves patient care and keeps costs down, but can be lifesaving if a hospital needs to locate a specialist in real-time to perform an emergency procedure.

Hospital Equipment Tracking - With the introduction of 3D location equipment tracking, hospital administrators can accurately track and monitor medical equipment in real-time, including the floor number, throughout a medical complex. He or she can create geo-fences to trigger an alert whenever the equipment leaves a particular floor and/or travels outside the hospital perimeter. By equipping this tracking capability with high-accuracy 3D location, the hospital administrator is able to have a real-time view of medical equipment throughout the hospital, avoiding costly losses, increasing operational efficiency, and, most importantly, providing optimal and timely patient care.

Medical Staff Workflows - Hospitals are able to deploy 3D location technology which enables an administrator to locate medical staff anywhere in a medical facility, even to the floor level in a high-rise hospital building. By being able to pinpoint the doctor’s location with high accuracy, patients’ needs can be attended to that much quicker, improving operational efficiency, enhancing patient care, and helping save lives. Additionally, patients monitored with applications or devices with 3D location capability can be located precisely in a hospital in real-time to ensure their safety and improve care.


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